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Benefits of Natural Anti-Aging Beauty Products

ashukothari October 17, 2015 No Comments

What if nature has already given us what we need to look beautiful?

In a world where drugstore aisles and makeup counters are packed with bright, shiny beauty products that promise to keep us looking young, it can be easy to start to believe that the fountain of youth comes in the form of a chemical fix.

We lather our skin with creams and serums made from words we can’t pronounce and ingredients that would potentially kill us if we ingested them. All the time spent looking in the mirror to combat lines and wrinkles has caused us to forget to look out of the window.

Fields and forests are filled with natural oils, herbs and plants that have little fountains of youth bursting within them.

Today’s natural beauty products give us the chance to tap into nature’s secrets and enjoy the healthy benefits of nourishing our skin.

Nature Knows Best

It’s important to remember that our skin breathes.

Every pore absorbs what it is applied to it in the same way our lungs take in what is contained in every particle of air we breathe in.

Exposing skin to harsh chemicals day after day and night after night is essentially like suffocating our skin and inundating our systems with toxins we were never meant to have exposure to.

Natural anti-aging products provide the right combination of ingredients to bring skin vitality and vibrancy without throwing off its natural balance.

Using organic ingredients in creams and beauty products helps our skin to work within the laws of nature instead of fighting against them.

Putting on moisturizer or makeup in the morning means that the ingredients we blend into our skin will probably stay on until it’s time for bed. This means we spend 12 to 15 hours letting our skin baste in products that may actually be changing the chemical characteristics of our cells and causing damaging reactions.

The story doesn’t end when we wash our faces at the end of the night. Makeup can be just as harmful.

Women inadvertently consume thousands of grams of lipstick and gloss throughout their lifetimes through licking their lips or sipping from cups. Eyeliner, mascara and shadows continuously make contact with the moist membranes that lead into the eyes.

The lesson should be that we shouldn’t put things on our faces that we would be afraid to put in our bodies. In addition, many of us apply anti-aging creams or moisturizing serums to our skin before bed. This practice tacks on another eight hours of time spent with our skin covered in a mask of chemicals.

Don’t Put Junk Food on Your Face

There’s a lot of talk these days about what we put in our bodies.

We know that fresh foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals can help to keep our bodies strong, fit and free from disease. We know that foods laced with chemicals, preservatives and dyes can age us prematurely and invite some pretty serious health problems.

Think about all the time you spend reading food labels in order to avoid preservatives and chemicals that will make you sick or cause you to gain weight. Most of us would only eat organic foods if given the choice.

Why don’t we apply those same dietary rules to our skin? Think of using natural anti-aging products as choosing a cup of herbal tea or a fruit smoothie over soda and French fries.

Health Creates Beauty

While many beauty products offer quick fixes that make us think we’re doing good things for our skin, long-term consequences are often the opposite of what we want.

Many products made with synthetic ingredients can actually deplete our skin of moisture and cause premature aging. In addition, many chemicals promote the release of free radicals which actually tire our skin out and contribute to lines and wrinkles.

Organic skin and beauty products nourish tissue and deliver the vitamins and moisture it needs to stay supple and beautiful in the long run.

The laws of nature are the laws of beauty. Giving your skin a healthy diet is the best way to enjoy beauty at any age.

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