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Reward Points

NaturaSafe Reward Points

Earn Points for:

Buying products
Reviewing products
Creating an account
Referring friends
Blog comments

Join/Register for Rewards Program

Every Dollar You Spend On Our Website – You Earn 2 Points
100 Points = $1
That’s 2% Cash Back!

For example, if you spent $100, you will earn 100×2 = 200 points, which means you get $2 (2%) cash back on your purchase. Plus you also earn when you leave reviews, refer your friends, even when they buy from us, and much more!

Points are automatically added to your account.
All you have to do is create/register an account here or during checkout process.

Redeem points for additional discounts and free products.

Terms & Conditions

Each time you buy from us, review a product, create an account, or refer your friends who ends up buying from us, we automatically reward you with NaturaSafe Reward Points that you can then redeem for products and discounts. Choose from unlimited products from our store to find a reward ‘just right’ for you, or save your points for your next purchase.

Fair Use Policy

NaturaSafe Reward Points Program is designed to provide our valued customers with additional ways to save money on high quality natural beauty products, and make buying a fun filled experience with automatic membership in this rewards points program.

Any unfair practices, violation of rules, fraudulent behavior, or misuse of the system will get the users account terminated and his/her reward points forfeited. We reserve the right to determine fair usage or unfair practices and terminate accounts.


All customers in Canada are eligible to participate in the program and earn our reward points. Any use of the account by individuals other than the member is considered unauthorized use and may be grounds for termination and forfeit of points. We reserve the right to terminate membership and reward program participation if someone is found violating our rules or misusing our system.

Points Account Updates

Your account will be updated or credited each time you earn points by taking an action indicated above. In most cases, your account will be credited a few minutes after your reward action. Your account will be debited immediately when you redeem your points.

In the event of an error, we reserve the right to make adjustments to a member’s points account.

In the future, additional methods of earning points may become available. From time to time we may award your with surprise additional points based on your activity, your engagement and purchase history.

Expiration of Your Reward Points

Your points never expire as long as you continue to be an active member of our program and as long as the points program remains in effect. However, if you unsubscribe from our account or if your membership is terminated, your points account will be closed immediately. At that time, all points will be forfeited.

Maximum Reward Points

Currently each user can earn and save up to 5,000 points. You must redeem your points for discounts and free products as soon as you find yourself reaching this limit or early. You can always keep earning and redeeming your points based on the the things you do on our website.


Our Reward Points cannot be transferred between members’ accounts.

Program Duration & Changes to Rules

NaturaSafe reserves the right at any time to withdraw this program or to modify, amend or supplement these rules, in its sole discretion.

Limits of Liability

NaturaSafe shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that result from acceptance, possession and/or use of any item redeemed.

For further details regarding any of these rules, please contact us.

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